How Will Your Australian Trip be Planned

 Are you Experience Driven or Cost Driven

So, how will your Australian trip be planned? Your Australian Travel Planner will work directly with you by email. We have a very definite process through which we will work together to make this your perfect Australian vacation.

Blue Mountains Jamieson Valley Katoomba How Will Your Australian Trip be Planned

How will your Australian trip be planned

Our information is proprietary and has been developed from our own first-hand experiences of Australia. Our computer system is set up to allow us to present you a full itinerary, one that will be based on your discussions with the Travel Planner, one that will reflect what you wish to do, at the time you wish to do it.

This full colour and informative itinerary will be posted onto our website. It will be a private web page and you will be given its location so only you can see what we are proposing.

Uluru Ayers Rock from the Air How Will Your Australian Trip be Planned

With whom will you be working

Your Custom Travel Planners are Australian who only plan trips Downunder. We do not offer other destinations – we are Australian specialists. We continually research to update our knowledge and gain the first-hand experiences that will be recommended to you.  

Leeuwin Naturaliste Coastline West Australia How Will Your Australian Trip be Planned

What should be reserved or booked

There are some things that should be reserved (accommodation, vehicles and small group experiences), while for others it is not necessary (museums, local public transport options).

We will advise where we feel a reservation will work to your advantage and are happy to help you understand what experiences are available without prior commitment.

It is quite simple…there are some things you will not experience if you wait to reserve them on the day. Someone else will have booked it out ahead of you.

At the end of the planning process, we will make reservations at the accommodations and services you have decided to include in your trip. We regret that we are unable to work on trips that are less than 6 nights in duration.

Crocodlie Daintree Rainforest How Will Your Australian Trip be Planned

How far ahead should you plan

It is never too early to begin the planning process.

We have clients plan a trip a full 12 months ahead so they can be certain that all is under control, reserved and in place. Other clients come to us closer to their departure date and we are able to make it work for them also.

We are unable to plan a trip where the departure date is less than six weeks from contacting us. The further ahead you make your plans, the more relaxed the process will be.

Manly Surf Beach Sydney How Will Your Australian Trip be Planned

Do we charge a fee to plan your trip

Our fees are included in your Custom Package price. We have contracted special rates with our preferred accommodations and suppliers. You are buying from us at no disadvantage … but with the added help of first hand knowledge to guide you in your selection. Our services are therefore offset by the suppliers in Australia. We are happy to provide references.

Uluru Ayers Rock Sunset How Will Your Australian Trip be Planned

Making sense of it all

The great advantage of the web is that you have lots and lots of information at your fingertips.

The disadvantage of the web is that everybody is telling you that their accommodation or tour is the best, for whatever reason.

As independent, Australian Custom Travel Planners, we have chosen what we consider the best, given the style of travel we think will suit a particular client.

We are prepared to express opinions and to back them up with knowledge.

We were just there and can tell you what it was like.

Kakadu National Park How Will Your Australian Trip be Planned

What happens when you click “Australian Travel Planning Contact Request”

We value your time as much as we value ours.

When you return the Planning Request Form, we will get back to you quickly to gather the information we need to plan your trip effectively.

Once we have enough information about what you wish to accomplish, we will contact you directly by either email or telephone to discuss further.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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