Gordon River Wilderness Cruise Tasmania

Gordon River Wilderness Cruise Tasmania – The Easy Way

True cool temperate wilderness – the Gordon River Wilderness Cruise Tasmania.

Gordon River
Wilderness Cruise

Gordon River Wilderness Cruise Tasmania Australia

Gordon River Wilderness Cruise
Tasmania … Discover the True Cool
Temperate Tasmanian Wilderness.

Gordon River Cruise from Strahan

Gordon River Wilderness
Cruise Tasmania

Why is the water of the Gordon River brown? Is it really fresh? Yes. The Gordon River flows through a catchment with a lot of native button grass, and this puts natural tannin into the water. Though it is the colour of light tea, it is some of the freshest natural water on Earth.

While it is only 190 kilometres (120 miles) long, the Gordon River runs through mountainous, rough and uninhabited wilderness. The River starts at Lake Richmond and ends at Macquarie Harbour,  just south of Strahan. The casual visitor can experience the Gordon River on one of the wilderness cruises that leave Strahan daily. Strahan has a population of about 1,000, and has mild summers – Average High: 20C (70F) Low: 10C (51F) – and cool winters – Average High: 12C (54F) Low: 5C (11F). The “Roaring Forties” hits this exposed coast and brings plenty of rainfall year round – 1,457mm (58 inches) annually, though it is about twice as wet in winter as in summer.

With the whole area preserved as World Heritage wilderness, the Gordon River Cruise is a way for visitors to really experience the quiet solitude of a this true, cool temperate wilderness river.

Strahan Village View Gordon River Wilderness Cruise Tasmania Australia

Experience the wilderness river in comfort.
The Gordon River is famous for its reflections, and all the cruise boats are specially constructed to make the least possible wake to disturb the natural eco-system. Not all cruise boats are the same quality, however, and the Lady Jane Franklin is our pick of the different cruises available.

The excursion heads down Macquarie Harbour in open water, then turns inland onto the Gordon River and cruises into the unspoiled wilderness. A stop is made so you can go ashore and walk among the trees on specially made elevated boardwalks.

The quiet and the stillness are astounding. On the way back up Macquarie Harbour, visit Sarah Island, one of the most feared convict settlements of the 1800’s, and then cruise to Hell’s Gates, the place where the harbor meets the Great Southern Ocean.

Gordon River Wilderness Cruise Tasmania Australia

Captain’s Upper Deck, Recliner, or Atruim Seating?

Atrium Seating: Forward Seating with a number of different styles – Buffet Lunch included.
Window Recliner: Full window views – Buffet Lunch included.
Captain’s Upper Deck: Upstairs with the Bridge and the Captain, and
Includes Tasmanian wine, beers and fine foods throughout the voyage.

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