Great Barrier Reef Tours

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to Discover Cairns, the Daintree Rainforest, Palm Cove,
Port Douglas and the Whitsundays

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is absolutely huge.  In fact, it is the only living organism on Earth that is visible from Space. Over 1,900 kilometres (1,200 miles) long, it runs from the top of Australia at Cape York, right down to just above of the Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane. Our Great Barrier Reef tours will show you the amazing diversity of the Reef.

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Great Barrier Reef Tours

Great Barrier Reef Tours

Cairns is often the access point for a visit to the Great Barrier Reef. From Cairns, it is easy to visit the Daintree Rainforest, Port Douglas, Kuranda and the Atherton Tableland.

To access the Great Barrier Reef it is necessary to travel offshore quite a distance. The best way for most visitors to see the Reef is on one of the excellent Great Barrier Reef day tours from Cairns, Palm Cove or Port Douglas. If you are a serious SCUBA diver, look to take one of the Multi Day Tours.

If you want to snorkel, or take a refresher or introductory SCUBA dive, many of the Great Barrier Reef day trips have facilities for introductory SCUBA dives, but they should be booked in advance to make sure the proper equipment is available on the day.

Travel one way on the Kuranda Steam Train and take the return journey on the Skyrail. One of the best rainforest experiences in the Cairns area is aboard the Skyrail as it travels through the Tropical North Queensland rainforest canopy on its round trip to Kuranda.

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