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Research Perth City, Margaret River, The Pinnacles and Monkey Mia

With a population of nearly 2 million, Perth is by far the largest city on the west coast of Australia. Check out the best Perth Activities and Tours for your West Australian Adventure.

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Perth Tours

Perth Tours

Perth is certainly remote – the nearest city of over 500,000 is Adelaide, some 2,104 kilometres (1,307 miles) to the east. Several cities in Asia are actually closer to Perth than is Sydney, on Australia’s east coast.

The city is inland about 8 kilometres, the Port city being Fremantle. Rottnest Island is just off the coast. Reached by ferry from both Perth and Fremantle, Rottnest Island is a home to the rare marsupial Quokka.

South of Perth the Margaret River area and the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park provide huge contrasts of wild coastline and sweeping vineyards.

To the north, Cervantes and the weird sandstone formations of the Pinnacles at the Nambung National Park can be reached on a one day tour from Perth. It takes several days to get to Monkey Mia and back, but it is worth it to see dolphins in the wild. They come ashore and are close enough to touch.

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Perth City – Perth Tours

Perth City is situated inland on the Swan River. Since black swans were unheard of in Europe, the early European explorers, going as far back as the Dutch in the 1600’s were amazed to find the impossible – black swans – prolifically inhabiting what was quickly named the Swan River beside which Perth City now stands.

At Australian Federation, the black swan was chosen to feature on the flag of the state of Western Australia. Named after Perth, Scotland, the home of Sir George Murray who was British Secretary of State for the Colonies when Perth was declared a city in 1829, Perth relishes its role as the financial and administrative centre of the state.

Western Australia is basically a huge hole in the ground, filled with mineral wealth and surrounded by desert and water. Oil, natural gas, gold, diamonds, iron ore, nickel, alumina and coal – you name something in world demand, and Western Australia has it – and Perth is the centre of the activity that backs up its extraction and export. Perth enjoys a very mild climate, and with its cool, wet winters (most of the rainfall is between May and September), there is a hot dry summer to allow for plenty of beach time.


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