Sydney Foreshore Walk

Sydney Foreshore Walk  – Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and the Botanic Gardens

Take our Sydney Foreshore Walk – One of the world’s great urban walks.

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Sydney Foreshore Walk

Close to downtown Sydney, beside the Sydney Opera House and bordering the Royal Botanical Gardens, the foreshore path to Mrs Macquarie’s chair is a wonderful way to discover some of Sydney on foot.

Set aside as a public area in the 1830’s, this walk starts at the Sydney Opera House, follows the foreshore, cuts through the Domain and the Botanical Gardens, and then heads back to the Opera House beside the Central Business District.

The Domain is a popular picnic and relaxation area just to the east of the Central Business District.  It covers 34 Hectares (84 Acres). The Botanical Gardens is also a part of the open area between and Opera House and Mrs Maquaries Chair, but is uphill and slightly inland from the Domain.

The walk takes about an hour return, but allow an extra hour or two to enjoy the views and walk inland to the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Walking Directions to Mrs Macquarie’s Point.
From the front of the Sydney Opera House, turn east (away from the Bridge) and follow the path as it curves around Farm Cove to Mrs Macquarie’s Point. Mrs Macquarie’s Chair is on the point at the far side of Farm Cove.

The chair was carved out of the rock by convicts in 1810, so the wife of Governor Macquarie could sit to enjoy the views and watch shipping on Sydney Harbour.  Excellent photos of the Sydney Opera House with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background can be taken from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair.

Farm Cove and the Harbour Sydney Foreshore Walk Australia

Walk back to the Sydney Opera House.
Walk back to the Opera House by following the lower path (between Mrs Macquarie’s Road and the Foreshore Path) inland to the Royal Botanical Gardens.

From the southeast corner of the Botanical Gardens, walk down Macquarie Street and back to the Sydney Opera House. This Sydney foreshore walk is one of the best urban walks in the world.

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