Australian Wildlife in the Wild.  What’s not to like?

No matter where you go in Australia, it’s possible to see wildlife in the wild. Not in the big cities mind you, though a crocodile came up out of the drains in Cairns one time to give the tourists (and a few locals) a bit of a scare.  A bit too close to wildlife in the wild!

You can book tours online at  Any of the full day tours out of the city will show you some sort of wildlife in the wild.

What you see in various locations around Australia will depend a bit on where you are.  Kangaroos are just about everywhere and if you are self driving for any part of your trip, then you will likely spend some of your time avoiding hitting them on the roads.  As an aside, what is referred to as a “bull bar” on the front of the truck or SUV in the U.S. and Europe, is called a “Roo Bar” in Australia.

While a kangaroo is not quite as large as a cow,  the damage in being hit by a 350 pound (175 Kg) kangaroo in full flight is a matter of the speed in which it is traveling.  Kangaroos can make a good 30mph when pushed and if they are panicked into crossing the road, can make a heck of a mess in front of the car.  Hence, the term “Roo Bar.”

There are many other forms of wildlife you can see in the wild though since most wildlife is nocturnal, you are most likely to see it at sunrise and sundown.

The smaller animals such as the echidna (ant eater) wallabies, and in Tasmania, Tasmanian Devils, are often candidates for road kill after dark.

Any of the good wildlife tours, say to the Blue Mountains outside Sydney, or the Atherton Tableland behind Cairns, will show you kangaroos, crocodiles and if you’re lucky,  a cassowary or emu (large flightless bird that resemble the ostrich).

If you miss the chance to see wildlife in the wild, book tours on to include the wildlife parks in Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania, Brisbane and Cairns.