Four Days in Melbourne

Four Days in Melbourne

  Melbourne is a younger city than Sydney. It was settled in the 1830’s by John Batman and John Pascoe Fawkner. They traveled from Launceston (in Tasmania) to establish a colony on the Yarra River, at the head of Port Phillip Bay on the southern tip of Mainland Australia. The Gold rushes of the 1850’s… Read More »


Exploring Sydney Harbour and Manly Beach by Ferry

Exploring Sydney Harbour and Manly Beach by Ferry Exploring Sydney Harbour and Manly Beach by Ferry. Sydney Harbour stretches for many kilometers, radiating outwards from North and South Head, the two sides of the entrance to the Harbour itself.The Sydney commuter ferries run an extensive network of ferry options from Circular Quay throughout the various… Read More »


10 Days in Australia … Splitting up your Time

10 Days in Australia…Splitting up your time. You really want to go to experience all that wonderful wildlife, but you only have 10 days to do it.  You can stretch an extra day or two to cover the travel time and give you 10 days on the ground Downunder, but that’s about it. So…how do… Read More »

Australia Day Tours

Australia Day Tours – Help to know what’s better

Day Tours, Half Day Tours, Multi Day Tours.  Where to start?  And what tour do you choose so you know you are on the ‘better’ tour? To take the confusion out of choosing Tours, get a large piece of paper and write out each area, such as Sydney, Cairns Barrier Reef, Melbourne, Kangaroo Island, for… Read More »

Fly to Australia

Fly to Australia – Sometimes cheap is not the least expensive.

You’re ready to fly Downunder and you start looking at websites and see some pretty good prices.  The fine print will tell you the date period and you then type in the dates you can actually go, and the price almost doubles.  Ouch. There is a trick to this, and the answer is routing.  While… Read More »


Great Barrier Reef. Why not go now?

Australian Vacation Package. Great Barrier Reef.  Why not go now? You may or may not have what is called a “bucket list,” but if you do, you more than likely have places in the world that you need to see.  Most everyone knows that the continent of Australia is sitting there, just waiting, with it’s… Read More »


Australian Wildlife in the Wild

Australian Wildlife in the Wild.  What’s not to like? No matter where you go in Australia, it’s possible to see wildlife in the wild. Not in the big cities mind you, though a crocodile came up out of the drains in Cairns one time to give the tourists (and a few locals) a bit of… Read More »


Australian Travel Ideas and Information

Australian Travel Ideas and Information Australia is a place of huge contrasts, from Sydney Harbor and the Opera House to the Great Barrier Reef… from the subtle greens of the Tasmanian rainforests to the red deserts around Uluru Ayers Rock. Work with an Aussie Travel Expert to get an Australian travel package that suits your… Read More »