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Get out of town and discover Australia in a rental car. Car hire in Australia is good value and a great way to see the real Australia, the Australia outside the major cities. Compare Australian Car Rental Prices and then book your car hire using our free comparison and booking service for the best rates.

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Australian Car Hire and Rentals – Compare Australian Car Rental Prices

Australian Car Hire

Do You Need an International Driver’s License in Australia?

As a general rule, you will be allowed to drive in Australia on a valid drivers licence from your home country.

You do not necessarily need an International Driving Permit to rent a car in Australia, though it is considered proof that you have a valid drivers license in your home country.

There is not usually any question with licences from Europe, the USA, Canada, India, Hong Kong, China, Singapore or South Africa. If you are in any doubt, check with your local Australian Embassy.

Get Out of Town – The Pleasures of Driving in Australia

Imagine it for a moment. The road stretches out in front of your rental car. Green bushland covers the low hills, the sky is blue, insects buzz and life is incredible.

Off to the left is a turnout that heads over to the ocean that you glimpsed a while back.  At the end of the road is a parking area … no other cars, just a rubbish bin, and instructions to be careful swimming off the rocks at the southern end of the beach in a high surf.  And the beach …. it stretches south, curving slightly east.  Waves break, gulls poke around in the shallows … but where are the people?  You have the beach to yourself.  How good is that!

Australian Car Rental: Beach

While a car might not be a good idea in metropolitan Sydney or Melbourne, roads in Australia are good, surfaces and visibility are excellent, and you can get to a completely different environment once you are out of the city.

Some of the best self drive places are The Great Ocean Road, Tasmania, The Blue Mountains, Lamington and the Sunshine Coast and Margaret River.

There is nothing to beat the feel of a well cambered road winding through wonderful scenery, and Australia has driving experiences that make the rural areas a pleasure to explore.

Head north from Sydney and in two or three hours you can be on your own at Port Macquarie’s Crowdy Bay. Get away from it all.

Australian Car Rental: Coast

Head inland from Melbourne and discover the Grampians.  The road has been straight for Kilometres, sheep graze, gum trees (eucalypts) fringe the roadside, and you arrive in Halls Gap.

Suddenly the landscape changes from the plains to the dramatic ranges of the Grampians National park. Discover the real outback country of Australia in a rental car and find the road less traveled.

Australian Car Rental: Grampians

While you want to discover the Great Barrier Reef from the water, there is a a great time to be had exploring bushland and country towns inland.

You won’t need a car to explore the Great Barrier Reef itself, but digging around under the skin of things in the Tablelands behind Cairns, cruising through the canefields behind Port Douglas, and navigating through the rainforest all the way to the Daintree Tropical Rainforest and Cape Tribulation makes for a totally different experience. Give it a try.

Australian Car Rental: Daintree

If you are visiting Australia from overseas, please be aware that Australia is truly a BIG country, and you should check your distances, driving times and road conditions carefully before committing yourself to getting between specific points in a set time.

Australian Car Hire and Rentals – Compare Australian Car Rental Prices

Australian Car Hire

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