Australian Travel Destinations Map

Use my Australian Travel Destinations Map to research your trip

Australia is a huge country, and you will need to research how to get around the places that interest you. I have made it easy to decide on where to fly to within Australia. Each Australian Travel Destination on the map has a major city gateway. While it is possible to self drive between main Australian cities, the total amount of time you have available will make a difference. It is often best to fly between major cities and then hub out on a self drive from there as required.


Use the Australian Travel Destinations Map to research your trip

The Australian Travel Destinations Map divisions are based on different rainfall and environments. Whether a destination is in the south, middle or north will often dictate the best time of year in which to visit. The distances between destinations are huge – be sure to check your timing.

The major cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Hobart, Darwin and Perth) are all distributed around the coastline. They follow the development and discovery of Australia as it was settled by Europeans in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.

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From the emerald green cool temperate rainforests of Tasmania to Sydney, from Sydney north to Brisbane and into the full tropical rainforests and coral reefs of northern Queensland, there is a huge range of climate. The deserts of the Red Centre are totally unique.  Everywhere, there is an amazing diversity of wildlife, but it can vary in each of the 10 different areas on the Australian Travel Destinations Map.
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