Travel Destination Blue Mountains

Dramatic mountain scenery near Sydney.
Wildlife, Australian bushland and nature.

The Blue Mountains is a barrier between Sydney and the inland plains. They were the first serious barrier to expansion faced by the settlers. The native Aboriginal people of Australia had lived in the area for over 30,000 years before the European settlement in 1788. It was not until 1795 that the first crossing was made by an Englishman. A safe and convenient route over Travel Destination Blue Mountains was not established until 1813.


Geography of Travel Destination Blue Mountains: The Blue Mountains are a part of the Great Australia Dividing Range. This runs up the East Coast of Australia from Melbourne in the south to past Cairns in the far north. It varies in height and width in different places and contains Australia’s highest mountains in the Snowy Mountains area near Canberra. Behind Sydney it is comprised of a Sandstone Plateau cut by many gorges and valleys being up to 760 M (2,490 ft) deep.

Jamison Valley Lookout in Australian Travel Destination Blue Mountains

Travel DeWalking andhiking in travel destination blue mountains australiastination Blue Mountains Today: Today it is the western extreme of Sydney and is protected by the Blue Mountains Area World Heritage Site. This includes seven National Park Areas and a Conservation Reserve. The main town is Katoomba and many residents commute to Sydney.  If you want to smell the Australian bush and see wildlife in the wild, the many walking and hiking trails will give you lots of chances to get away. There are regular bus services, but the best way to get there on public transport is by rail. Travel Destination Blue Mountains can be visited a day trip from Sydney.


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