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The Capital of Australia and the Australian Capital Territory

Canberra is Australia’s largest inland city, with a population of just under 500,000. It is a part of the Australian Capital Territory, and is not located in any State of Australia, much like Washington is in the District of Columbia in the United States. Travel Destination Canberra is 280 K (170 M) from Sydney and 660 K (410 M) from Melbourne.  It can be visited in a day trip from Sydney.

ACT and Australian Travel Destination Canberra

History of Travel Destination Canberra: There had been settlers in the area since the 1820’s, and the land was still largely Eucalypt forests and mountain ranges. In 1908, to put an end to the fighting between Sydney and Melbourne as to which should be the Capital of Australia, it was decided to favour neither of the contestants. Instead, a brand new city was created in between the two. It was to be a planned city, and in 1913 work started under the direction of U.S. Architect Walter Burley Griffin. It is today a monument to Federal Government, home to the Houses of Parliament, most foreign embassies and a range of top political and legal institutions.

Houses of Parliament on a visit to Australian Travel Destination Canberra

Geography and Climate: Travel Destination Canberra is 150K (93 M) inland from the East Coast of Australia. It is set on a plain in a basin, with mountains to the west that cause a bit of a rain shadow. The summers are warm to hot, with highs averaging 28 C (82 F). Winters are cool to cold, and while snow does not settle in the city, it is often on the peaks around. Winter average highs are 11 C (52 F) with overnight freezes. Rainfall is about 616 mm (24″) annually and is evenly distributed through the year. Travel Destination Canberra is home to the Australian War Museum, one of the World’s best.

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