Tasmania Travel Destinations

Hobart, Port Arthur, Freycinet, Launceston and the Tamar Valley, Cradle Mountain, Strahan and the Gordon River Tasmania Travel Destinations

Tasmania is one hour’s flying time from the Mainland of Australia. All the Tasmania Travel Destinations are within one to four hours driving of one another.


Hobart Waterfront Tasmania Travel Destinations

Hobart is a waterfront, port city. Well preserved historic precincts at Salamanca Place and Battery Point. History, scenery sightseeing, wine and food. Make sure you get to the Salamanca Market.

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Port Arthur

Port Arthur Historidc Site Tasmania Travel Destinations

The World Heritage Listed Port Arthur Historic Site will show you Australia’s convict history. It’s like a huge, open air museum.  Beautifully restored colonial buildings.

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Launceston City Tasmania Travel Destinations

Tasmania’s northern city. Walk Cataract Gorge, Nature near the centre of the City. Gateway to the Tamar Valley wine area, Lavender Farms, and great scenery.

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Cradle Mountain

 Cradle Mountain National Park Tasmania Travel Destinations

Cool Temperate Tasmanian Wilderness. Stay at Cradle Mountain Lodge or Lemonthyme Lodge. Visit on a day trip from Launceston if time is short.

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Freycinet Wineglass Bay Tasmania Travel Destinations

Hike to the Saddle Lookout over Wineglass Bay. take a boat ride and walk on wilderness beaches. Stay at the Freycinet Lodge for a true Tasmanian nature exxperience.

>>> Travel Destination Freycinet


Gordon River Wilderness Cruise at Strahan Tasmania Travel Destinations

Once a sleepy fishing village, now the starting point for the Gordon river Wilderness Cruise. Feel the silence of a true wilderness area, only reached by boat or seaplane.

>>> Travel Destination Strahan

Tasmania is often described as one of the most scenically beautiful islands on Earth, and justifiably so. While its mountains are not high in the grand tradition of the American Rockies, or the Swiss Alps (the highest point in Tasmania is 1,580 metres, 5,200 feet), Tasmania has incredible vertical perspective – one minute rolling farmland, the next mountain views, the next incredible seascapes. Tasmania offers some of the best cool temperate rainforests in the world, dramatic coastlines, and wild yet accessible scenery in a well preserved environment. Almost 40% of the Island is locked up in National Parks or World Heritage Listed areas.

Gordon River Cruise Tasmania Travel Destinations

History of Tasmania: The first sighting of Tasmania by a European was in 1642 when Dutch explorer Abel Janzoon Tasman arrived. Captain William Bligh visited Tasmania in 1777, landing at Adventure Bay, near Hobart. Hobart was settled from Sydney in 1803, and is the second oldest city in Australia. The original name was Van Diemen’s Land, but was changed to Tasmania in 1856. Tasmania became a State of Australia on Federation Day in January of 1901. Environmental issues have dominated the politics of Tasmania over the past 40 years, starting with the flooding of Lake Pedder in the early 1970’s and continuing in arguments over logging and forest management ever since.
Geography of TaSatellite View of Tasmania Tasmania Travel Destinationssmania: While it looks small compared to Mainland Australia, Tasmania is 68,401 square kilometres (26,410 square miles), and travel distances can be deceptive when driving. Situated in the path of the “Roaring forties”, Tasmania enjoys a cool temperate climate. Rainfall is heavy and frequent on the West Coast, with the Central Highlands creating a rain shadow on the East Coast. The standing joke in Tasmania is that if you don’t like the weather at the moment, just wait an hour or so, is is sure to change. Hobart is shown by a red dot on the Satellite image, Launceston by the yellow dot, Strahan by the blue dot, and Coles Bay / Freycinet by the white dot. Port Arthur is just to the right of Hobart on the Tasman Peninsula, the Tamar Valley just to the north of Launceston, and Cradle Mountain to the left of Launceston. You can get to the West Coast from the north via Cradle Mountain or north coast, or from Hobart in the south. Strahan is the centre of West Coast Tasmanian tourism.

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