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Travel Destination Barossa Valley is about 60 Kms (40 miles) to the north of Adelaide City, and is best accessed on any of the excellent day tours if you are not driving yourself and staying up among the vineyards. If you are interested in wines and wine production, the Barossa Valley will give you a very good look at Australian Viticulture.

The name is derived from the Barossa Ranges which enclose the 13 km (8 mi) by 15 km (9 mi) Valley. The main towns are Lyndoch, Nuriootpa, Rowland Flat, Angaston and Tanunda, The population is about 20,000, though this increases for the annual Barossa Valley Vintage Festival held in the first week of April.

Tanunda and the Valley Travel Destination Barossa Valley

History of the Barossa Valley: First European settlement was by German Lutheran immigrants from Prussian Silesia in the 1830’s. The valley was known as “New Silesia” until was named the Barossa Valley by Colonel William Light (the founder of Adelaide) in 1837. The many Lutheran churches, the Lutheran schools, and the names of the wineries give most of the towns in the Barossa a distinctly German Lutheran feel to them, with the exception of Angaston, which was settled by Cornish miners from Grerat Britain. The Barossa Valley today is considered one of Australia’s top wine regions, and is perhaps it’s most well known.

Vineyard Travel Destination Barossa Valley

Wine and Food in Travel Destination Barossa Valley: Wineries range from the great and famous to smaller family boutique labels. Many boutique wineries have arrangements with small group tour operators to visit on a private basis. Grapes grown include Shiraz, Riesling, Granache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Semillon. There are also some good fortified wines (Port and Muscat) produced.

The food industry concentrates on dried fruits, breads and pastries, cured meats, cheeses and olives. The European origins of the food items is apparent. The Barossa Valley Vintage Festival is held annually in the first week of April. It draws visitors from all over the world and is a wonderful celebration of the produce of Travel Destination Barossa Valley.

Jacobs Creek Travel Destination Barossa Valley

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