Travel Destination Broome

Travel Destination Broome – a Pearling and Tourist Town on the far Northwest of Australia

Travel Destination Broome is way out there. It is 2,200 kms (1,400 mi) north of Perth. Broome can be reached after nearly four hours flying from Perth, or five hours from Sydney. The full time population is under 20,000, though that swells to around 50,000 in the tourist season – May to October. There is good accommodation in Broome and surrounds, and many tours and sightseeing trips show the best of the area to visitors. Cable Beach, just outside Broome is amazing – crystal clear water and clean sand that stretches for Kilometres.

Cable Beach Travel Destination Broome

History of Travel Destination Broome: The area around Broome was sighted by Europeans in 1688 by the first Englishman to set foot on Australia, William Dampier. He did not, however, land in Broome itself.  After the opening of the Telegraph Cable to Singapore and on to London in 1889, Travel Destination Broome was connected to the world and began to grow as a major world pearling centre. There is a marked Japanese influence and Broome is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia with strong tourism and mining industries.   

Japanese Cemetry Travel Destination Broome

Geography and Weather: Travel Destination Broome is on the coast, between the dry, arid interior and the Indian Ocean. The climate is classified as Semi Arid. There are two very distinct seasons – Wet and Dry. the Wet Season (“the Wet”) runs from December to March. The Dry Season (“the Dry”) runs from April to November. During “the Wet”, the weather is hot and humid, with rainfall coming in sharp, unevenly spaced showers. During “the Dry”, days are clear and cloudless, with low humidity.

In summer expect average daily high temperatures of 33C (92 F), with overnight average lows of 26 C (79 F). In winter look for average highs of 19 C (84 F) and average lows of 14 C (57 F). Average annual rainfall is 607 mm (24 in).  Expect 75% of the annual rainfall in January and February, the height of “the Wet”.

Bungle Bungles Purnululu Travel Destination Broome

The Bungle Bungles – Purnululu: As you head south and then west from Darwin towards Travel Destination Broome, the Highway leaves Australia’s Northern Territory and enters the state of West Australia.  Between Kununurra and Hall Creek lies a National Park called Purnululu by the Aboriginal People, but known widely as the Bungle Bungles.  This spectacular area is made up of sandstone domes, striped layers of orange and grey weathered down into large domes. The Bungle Bungles are only accessible by road in the Dry Season, but can be seen most of the year on Helicopter flights, or on a Flightseeing tour from Kununurra.  

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