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The Largest Sand Island in the World – Travel Destination Fraser Island

Queensland’s largest Island, and the largest Island on the East Coast of Australia, Travel Destination Fraser Island is 200 kms (120 mi) north of Brisbane. It can be reached on day tours from Brisbane, or you can stay overnight with the right planning. At 1,840 sq kms it is listed as the largest sand Island in the world.

Travel Destination Fraser Island has been designated a World Heritage Area, and is part of the Great Sandy National Park. There are under 500 full time residents on the Island.

Walkways and LakesTravel Destination Fraser Island

History of Fraser Island: Sighted by Captain Cook in 1770, Travel Destination Fraser Island was not landed on by Eurpoeans until 1802.  By that time Aboriginal peoples had been living on the Island for about 5,000 years. Originally called Great Sandy Island, the name was changed to Fraser Island in 1836 after stories about Eliza Fraser and her adventures shipwrecked on the Island became popular.

The first permanent European residents arrived in 1870 when the Sandy Cape Lighthouse was opened. The lighthouse ran until 1994. Travel Destination Fraser Island was declared a World Heritage Site in 1992.

Lake McKenzie Travel Destination Fraser Island

Geography and Climate: The sub tropical climate is the same as Brisbane – moist warm to hot summers and drier, cool to warm winters. Over a period of 750,000 years, coastal currents have deposited the sand which makes up Fraser Island.

The sand is 98% quartz and in itself does not support plants. Fraser Island is unusual in that a natural fungus grows in the sand, and this releases nutrients which allow the sand to support plant life. This in turn attracts animal and bird life.

Over 100 fresh water lakes dot the Island. These are still very clean, but the greatest threat is pollution from suncreens and soaps used by visitors. The dingo population on the island is one of the last remaining pure dingo packs in Australia.

Dogs are not allowed onto the island for fear of crossbreeding. Wildlife includes snakes,skinks, frogs and gekos, the occasional saltwater crocodile and small mammals  – wallabies, possums, echidna and bandicoots. Fraser island is designated an Important Bird Area and is home to over 350 species. The Island is the only place where rainforests grow in pure sand.

Wild Australian Dingo Travel Destination Fraser Island

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