Travel Destination Grampians

Head west from Melbourne to the Grampians National Park
More Kangaroos than you thought there were on the planet!

Travel Destination Grampians. Some 235 Kms (140 miles) to the west of Melbourne, the Grampians National Park (Gariwerd) is a striking area of Sandstone Mountain Ranges bisected by wildlife filled valleys.

It was named after the Grampians Mountains in Scotland because it reminded the first settler in the region of his home country. Driving through the backroads you will see kangaroos everywhere – in the wild, hopping over fences and grazing in the fields.

Lookout View Travel Destination The Grampians

History and Geography of Travel Destination Grampians: As Melbourne developed in the 1830’s, settlers headed west in search of new grazing land. Charles Hall was the first to arrive in the area in 1836.

The Gold Rush of 1857 turned Ararat into a boom town. Ararat today has a population of around 7,000 and is a great experience if you want to see an Australian country town as it really is.

The Grampians mountains are a series of sandstone mountain ridges that jut up from the plains in dramatic contrast to the surrounding farming and grazing land.

Halls Gap is the best base for accommodation to discover the hiking and walking trails of Travel Destination Grampians. The highest peak in the National Park is about 1167 metres (3,800 feet).

Barkly Street Ararat Travel Destination The Grampians

Things to do: Nature, wildlife, hiking and scenery are the nature activities. There is a well established wine industry centered on Ararat, Moyston and Great Western.

The Halls Gap Visitors Centre is in the middle of Halls Gap and is a good place to find information and to talk to locals about the activities available. The day walks are excellent in well named “Wonderland” near Halls Gap.

Kangaroos are in almost plague proportions around the Grampians and you are almost certain to see them in the wild.

Kangaroos in the Wild Travel Destination The Grampians

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