Travel Destination Hahndorf

An historic, beautifully preserved Australian country town near Adelaide
Travel Destination Hahndorf, home of Hans Heysen

Travel Destination Hahndorf is to the east of Adelaide, and can be easily visited in a day trip as part of an outing to the Adelaide Hills or the Barossa Valley. Originally a centre for services and farming, it is today a tourist venue. Much of the original architecture has been preserved. There is a very strong German influence, the area having been settled by immigrants from Prussia. The gift, craft and specialty stores are delighful, and lunch in one of the Main Street pubs is an experience.

Street SceneTravel Destination Hahndorf

History of Travel Destination Hahndorf: The first settlers came from the village of Kay in Prussia. They arrived into Adelaide in December of 1838 and named their new township Hahndorf after Captain Hahn of The Zebra, the ship that carried them to Australia.

Because of the First World War, the south Australian Government changed the name from Hahndorf to Ambleside, in an effort to remove references to Germany. Many other Australian States did the same thing at the time (Bismark, near Hobart, Tasmania was also renamed Collinsvale). The name reverted to Hahndorf in the 1930’s (though Collinsvale is still Collinsvale). Today Hahndorf has a very strong German influence in architecture, food and traditions.

German Arms Hotel Travel Destination Hahndorf

Heysen of Hahndorf: Travel Destination Hahndorf was the home of one of Australia’s most famous artists, Sir Hans Heysen (1877 – 1968). Hans Heysen arrived in Adelaide from Germany – he was born in Hamburg – in 1884. At the age of 14 he left  school and he started work with a hardware merchant. He continued his childhood interest in art at night school.  In 1912 he bought The Cedars in Hahndorf and created a studio that can still be visited today. He lived and worked there until his death. His remarkable paintings depict the Australian bush with great clarity and light.

Hans Heysen Painting Travel Destination Hahndorf

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