Travel Destination Hamilton Island

The Whitsundays Resort Island – Travel Destination Hamilton Island
Gateway to Hayman Island

Travel Destination Hamilton Island is the largest inhabited island in the Whitsundays, It is 5 sq kms (1.9 sq mi) in size and is about one hour’s plane flight, or 900 kms (560 mi) north of Brisbane. Direct flights from Melbourne and Sydney also service the Island.

Panorama of Travel Destination Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island was formed when the sea levels rose and made islands out of mountain tops. There is a great vertical perspective – it has hills and gullies covered in rainforest, and the beaches are fabulous .

It also has a sheltered Marina and a waterfont restaurant and shopping area. Travel Destination Hamilton Island is the access point for the Hayman Island Resort.

Resort View Travel Destination Hamilton Island

History of Travel Destination Hamilton Island:

Inhabited only by indigenous Aboriginal Peoples until 1975, development began with the construction of a resort that opened in 1982. The Island went through financial trials until the opening of The Beach Club Resort in 1999.

The very upscale Qualia Resort opened in in 2007. There are some private residences on the Island, the most famous inhabitant being the late George Harrison (of Beatles fame) who kept a Summer home there.

Marina and Waterfront Village Travel Destination Hamilton Island

Weather and things to do:

With a Sub-Tropical climate, Travel Destination Hamilton Island has a very even range of temperatures. In Summer (November – March) you can expect average daily highs of 31 C (88 F), with overnight average lows of 25 C (77 F). In winter (June – August) expect average highs of 22 C (72 F) and average lows of 18 C (64 F).

Annual average rainfall is 1805 mm (71 in). The wettest months are November to April, when twice as much rain falls as in winter.  No private cars are allowed on the Island. Golf Buggies are the usual form of transport and are provided by some resorts as part of their accommodation packages.

A public shuttle bus connects the Resorts and the Marina Village. Reef trips are provided by Fantasea, and there are a wide range of both motorized, and non-motorized sports available.

The Beaches are Spectacular Travel Destination Hamilton Island

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