Travel Destination Kata Tjuta

Also Known as Mount Olga, Travel Destination Kata Tjuta is the other thing to make sure you experience while at Uluru Ayers Rock

Part of the Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park, Travel Destination Kata Tjuta was created by the same geology that formed Uluru. It is 25 kms (16 mi) from Uluru Ayers Rock and is a destination in its own right while you are in the Red Centre. It is 365 kns (227 mi) from Alice Springs to Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park and takes about 5 hours to drive by road. Kata Tjuta is rich in Aboriginal Legend, though much of this is sacred to the Aboriginal People and not known to outsiders.

Aerial View Travel Destination Kata Tjuta

Discovery and Naming: Travel Destination Kata Tjuta had been known to the Aboriginal Peoples of the area for over 30,000 years and features strongly in their local Dreamtime Creation Myths. Discovered by Ernest Giles in 1872, it was named Mount Olga at the request of Baron Ferdinand von Mueller. The Baron had been elevated to the peerage by King Charles and Queen Olga of Wurtemburg, and wanted to return the compliment by naming the discovery after the German Queen. In 1993 it was renamed Kata Tjuta Mount Olga as part of Australia’s dual naming policy recognising Aboriginal names of significant features.

Approaching by Road Travel Destination Kata Tjuta

Geology: Travel Destination Kata Tjuta is made up of a conglomorate of basalt and granite held together by sandstone. It has a similar composition to granite. It was formed about 500 million years ago and is part of a very ancient geologic landscape. The highest point of Kata Tjuta is 1,066 metres (3,497 ft) above sea level. The distinctive orange to red colouring is due to iron oxide weathering on the surface.  

Domes up Close Travel Destination Kata Tjuta

Weather: Travel Destination Kata Tjuta has the same weather as Uluru Ayers Rock. It is a true desert environment and care should be taken at all times when hiking and walking in the open.

Average Daytime High, Overnight Low  Temperatures:

Jan:  High 29 C (102 F)  Low 23 C (73 F)         Feb:  High 37 C (98 F)  Low 22 C (72 F)
Mar:  High 34 C (94 F)  Low 19C (67 F)            Apr:  High 30 C (86 F)  Low 15 C (60 F)
May:  High 24 C (76 F)  Low 10 C (58 F)          Jun:  High 20 C (69 F)  Low 6 C (42 F)
Jul:  High 20 C (69 F)  Low 5 C (40 F)               Aug:  High 24 C (74 F)  Low 6 C (42 F)
Sept:  High 29 C (84 F)  Low 11 C (51 F)          Oct:  High 32 C (90 F)  Low 15 C (59 F)
Nov:  High 35 C (95 F)  Low 18 C (65 F)           Dec:  High 36 C (97 F)  Low 21 C (70 F)

Panoramic ViewTravel Destination Kata Tjuta

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