Travel Destination Kings Canyon

Walks in a Unique Australian Desert Canyon Environment

It is 310 kms (192 mi) from Uluru Ayers Rock to Kings Canyon, so if you want to take all the walks at Travel Destination Kings Canyon you will need to stay overnight. The road between the two is sealed all the way. If time is short it is possible to visit Kings Canyon on a day trip from Uluru Ayers Rock. Do not try and do a day trip from Alice Springs – the distance is just too great. Accommodation overnight is available at the Kings Canyon Resort, with differing levels of accommodation offered.

View From Canyon Rim Travel Destination Kings Canyon

Walks at Travel Destination Kings Canyon:  Kings Creek flows along the bottom of Kings Canyon. The walls of the Canyon are 100 metres (325 ft) high. It is best to avoid walking in the middle of the day if at all possible due to the heat. Good advice on conditions is to be gained by chatting to the National Park Ranger.

Kings Creek Walk: The shortest of the three walks, the Kings Creek Walk follows the bottom of the Canyon to a viewing platform. The distance is about 2 kms (1.2 mi) and you should allow about one hour round trip.

Kings Canyon Rim Walk: This 2 – 3 hour circuit covers a 6 kms (4 mi) loop that takes in the rim of the Canyon for spectacular views. It also descends to The Garden of Eden, a permanent waterhole, before offering views of The Domes. Allow about 3 or 4 hours. The steps to the top of the Canyon at the start of the walk are very steep and a basic level of fitness is required.

Giles Track: This 22 kms (13.6 mi) track runs from Kings Canyon to Kathleen Springs. It should only be attempted by keen hikers. Please check with the Park Ranger and register your intentions before starting the walk.

View of the Canyon Travel Destination Kings Canyon

Weather: Travel Destination Kings Canyon has the same weather as Uluru Ayers Rock. Care should be taken on all the walks at Travel Destination Kings Canyon.

Average Daytime High, Overnight Low Temperatures:

Jan:  High 29 C (102 F)  Low 23 C (73 F)         Feb:  High 37 C (98 F)  Low 22 C (72 F)
Mar:  High 34 C (94 F)  Low 19C (67 F)            Apr:  High 30 C (86 F)  Low 15 C (60 F)
May:  High 24 C (76 F)  Low 10 C (58 F)          Jun:  High 20 C (69 F)  Low 6 C (42 F)
Jul:  High 20 C (69 F)  Low 5 C (40 F)               Aug:  High 24 C (74 F)  Low 6 C (42 F)
Sept:  High 29 C (84 F)  Low 11 C (51 F)          Oct:  High 32 C (90 F)  Low 15 C (59 F)
Nov:  High 35 C (95 F)  Low 18 C (65 F)           Dec:  High 36 C (97 F)  Low 21 C (70 F)

Gorge Travel Destination Kings Canyon


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Domes at Travel Destination Kings Canyon