Travel Destination Margaret River

Boutique Wines, Coastal Scenery, Surfing the Indian Ocean
Travel Destination Margaret River

Travel Destination Margaret River and Southwest to Albany. The region south of Perth and down to Albany on the south western coast of Australia, includes the Margaret River Wine Region, the Leeuwin Naturaliste Coastal Region and a lot of very pleasant farmland and spectacular coastal scenery.

The vineyards of the Margaret River Wine Region have come to prominence over recent years, and the boutique wineries of the region offer a very good look at winemaking in Western Australia.

Albany is a historic port city and is actually the oldest settlement in Western Australia, predating Perth as a settlement by about 3 years.

Leeuwin Naturaliste Coastline Travel Destination Margaret River

History of Travel Destination Margaret River: The River was named after a cousin of one of the first settlers of the area, John Bussell (Bussellton, just to the north of Margaret River is named after him).

It first appears on a map in 1839. Main settlement of the area started in the 1850’s, with logging becoming a serious industry in the 1870’s. After WW I the Government promoted farming and development in the area and it grew steadily.

Today Margaret River is home to only 3% of Australia’s wine production, but produces about 20% of the fine wines. Not a bad effort.

Township Travel Destination Margaret River

Geography and Climate: Travel Destination Margaret River has a Maritime Climate – it is warm, but modified by the effects of the Ocean.

The town of Margaret River is 9 kms (5.6 mi) from the coast and the sea breezes and rainfall patterns allow it to produce wines similar to Bordeaux. The coastline is rugged, and very scenic.

The Leeuwin Naturaliste Coastal Region is pristine – a ridge of sandstone backing up clean beaches and dramatic headlands. The ridge is riddled with caves, some of which are open to the public. The coastline has become a destination for surfers in recent years.

In summer you can expect average daily high temperatures of 25 C (77 F) and overnight lows of 14 C (57 F).

In winter the average daily high is 16 C (61 F) and the lows overnight get down to 8 C (46 F). Rainfall is concentrated mainly in the winter (May to August). It averages 1,330 mm (44 in) a year.

Vineyard Travel Destination Margaret River

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