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Swim with the Whale Sharks – Travel Destiantion Ningaloo Reef on the Indian Ocean on Australia’s West Coast

Travel Destination Ningaloo Reef is a huge, sparsely populated, arid and spectacular Travel Destination covering Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth, Cape Range National Park and the Pilbara Region of West Australia. It is about as far Outback in Australia as you can get. From a travel point of view, the best entry point is the Learmonth Airport if you are flying, or the long drive up Highway #1 before turning off towards the coast and Exmouth to the north of Carnarvon.

There is excellent accommodation in Exmouth. You will be at least 1,000Kms (600 miles) north of Perth by the time you get to Exmouth. It takes a real effort of both time and money to get way out here, but the payoff in terms of spectacular scenery, remote location, incredible beaches, unspoiled Ningaloo Reef and the sense of isolation from the rest of the world make the trip worthwhile.

Cape Range Beach Travel Destination Ningaloo Reef

History of Travel Destination Ningaloo Reef: Early Dutch and English explorers were active in the area from the  late 1600’s onward, but the forbidding, arid nature of the interior discouraged inland settlement, and the region remained an outpost of small coastal communities until Exmouth was developed as a Military Submarine Base during the Second World War.

In the 1960’s, the discovery of substantial iron ore deposits in the Pilbara at Mt. Tom Price and in the Hamersleys gave new impetus to the region, while the last 10 years have seen the development of tourism based on the beaches and Ningaloo Reef.

Exmouth has about 2,000 regular residents, this swelling to over 6,000 during the tourist season from May to October, the Southern Hemisphere winter. Hotels and accommodation are available at Ningaloo Reef and Exmouth.

Snorkel at Travel Destination Ningaloo Reef

Geography and Weather: Spectacular, red rock interiors are fringed by equally incredible beaches and coral reefs as the Indian Ocean meets the coastline of Western Australia. The Pilbara Region stretches forever inland. The major area of the coast for tourism is the peninsula running from Coral Bay in the south to Exmouth in the north, with a backbone formed by the Cape Range National Park, and fringed by the Ningaloo Reef. This is an area of “Range to Reef” lansdcape, a place of dramatic contrasts.

This is a semi arid area, with the 260 mm (10 inches) of annual rainfall mostly falling between January and June. The summers are hot and dry, the winters are warm and dry. In summer expect average daily high temperatures of 38 C (100 F) and overnight lows of 23 C (73 F). In winter average daily highs are 24 C (75 F) and overnight averages 11 C (52 F). Be careful in the midday sun – it is pretty hot out here.

Cape Range Lighthouse Travel Destination Ningaloo Reef

Whale shark Travel Destination Ningaloo ReefNingaloo Reef: Fringing the Cape Range National Park, and accessed through Exmouth, Ningaloo Reef is easily accessible on any number of day trips from Exmouth. Ningaloo Reef has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the home to Whale Sharks, Dugongs, Manta Rays and Dolphins.

Swimming in the wild with the “Gentle Giants” of the seaworld (the Whale Sharks), is available during the May to October Tourist season.  Accommodation is available in Exmouth and at the Ningaloo Reef resorts.

Exmouth: Exmouth is the main town at Travel Destination Ningaloo Reef. It is accessed by air through Learmonth Airport, and is the centre of services for the Ningaloo Reef and the Cape Range National Park. A good range of hotels, resorts and accommodation is available in Exmouth and it is from here that you will most likely base your stay in the region.

The Pilbara: The large, dry and thinly populated Pilbara Region of Western Australia is the home to huge deposits of iron ore, natural gas and petroleum.  It is also an area of arid, red rock and sand landscapes, dramatic ranges and gorges, and far flung, remote cattle stations that offer a look at the pioneering life that was a part of the development of Western Australia. Marble Bar, one of the regions most remote townships is regularly the hottest place in Australia, with temperatures reaching 45 deg. C. (113 deg. F.) in summer. 

Way Outback in The Pilbara Travel Destination Ningaloo Reef

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