Travel Destination Noosa

Noosa Heads, the Glasshouse Mountains,

The Sunshine Coast. World Class Surfing

The Glasshouse Mountains just seem to jump out at you. As you drive north from Brisbane along the 200 kms (120 mi) of The Sunshine Coast, two things really impress: endless, pristine beaches and dramatic volcanic mountains.

To the north is the late Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo and Underwater World,

Travel Destination Noosa is a great family destination. Rent a car, stay at Noosa and just join the locals in the laid back lifestyle.

Noosa National Park at the northern end of the Sunshine Coast is the most popular National Park in Australia, with over 1 million visitors a year. Koalas can be seen in the wild most days.

Glasshouse Mountains Travel Destination Noosa

History of Travel Destination Noosa: Captain Cook saw the Glasshouse Mountains from the sea as he sailed by in 1770 and he named them because they reminded him of the glasshouses of his native Yorkshire in England.

When Matthew Flinders landed and mapped the area 29 years later, he was met by the local Aborigine people who had been living there for over 30,000 years.

Development in the late 1800’s was spurred by timber, mining and a gold rush centred on Gympie. By 1890 settlers were farming the area and population grew slowly until the end of WWll.

During the last 50 years, the mild climate and natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast have turned it into a major tourism destination for both Australians and overseas visitors.

River at Noosa Heads Travel Destination Noosa

Geography and Weather: Warm to hot, with lots of rain in Summer.  Drier, cooler and warm in Winter, Travel Destination Noosa is the centre of the Sunshine Coast.

You can expect average highs of 29C (84 F) in Summer, with average lows of 21 C (70 F). In Winter look for average highs of 21 C (70 F) and overnight average lows of 9 C (49 F). Rainfall is high – 1,430 mm (56 in) annually on average, but with most rain falling between November and May.

The Glasshouse Mountains are dramatic volcanic plugs – the hard core of old volcanoes left after the softer rock has eroded away. Ginger is a major crop, and the Buderim Ginger Factory tour is a great experience.

The Noosa Festival of Surfing is held annually and is a major draw card on the international professional surfing circuit. Iconic names from the surfer’s lexicon such as Noosa Main Beach, Coolum Beach, Mooloolaba and Maroochydore are found on the Sunshine Coast.

Beach at Noosa Heads Travel Destination Noosa

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