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Travel Destination Perth and the Southwest of Western Australia is like an island of green and well watered farmlands and vineyards surrounded by the Indian and Southern Oceans on the west and south, and the deserts of the Red Centre on the east.

To the north it fades into coastal desert as it runs up the shores of the Indian Ocean to Monkey Mia. West Australia is absolutely huge, and Perth will most likely be your entry point.

It is well worth exploring, but you do need to be aware of distances so you do not over schedule driving and sightseeing.

City Panorama Travel Destination Perth

History of Travel Destination Perth: After over 40,000 years of Indigenous Aboriginal Settlement by the Whadjuk Noongar people, the first Europeans to land on the West Coast of Australia were the Dutch in the late 1690’s.

It was another 130 years before the British set up the Swan River Colony on the site of what became Perth (named after Perth in Scotland, home of George Murray, then the British Secretary of State for the Colonies) in 1856.

West Australia became a State in 1901 and Perth was declared its capital. Development in West Australia has been fueled by a mining boom since the 1960’s, and Perth has grown as the centre of service to these industries.

It is today a long way from other centres of population, but enjoys an excellent, outdoors lifestyle.

Suburbs Travel Destination Perth

Geography and Weather:  Perth is located on the South Western coast of Australia, and is the capital of the State of West Australia. West Australia is huge – 2.5 million sq. kms (about 1 million sq. miles) – and Perth City is closer to Jakarta, Indonesia than it is to Sydney.

Sydney is 3,291 kilometres (2,045 miles) from Perth. The Central Business District of Perth is inland on the Swan River, and is bounded by Kings Park on the west, and the Swan River itself.

The main street is St Georges Terrace, and the population of Perth city is approaching 2 million, making it by far the largest city in West Australia. Perth suburbs run up the coast in an area of spectacular beachside communities such as Cottesloe, City Beach, Scarborough and Sorrento.

Summers in Perth (December to March) are hot and dry, while winters (June to August) are cooler and wet.

In summer expect average daily high temperatures of 31 C (88 F), with overnight average lows of 18 C (64 F). In winter average highs are 18 C (65 F) and lows of 8 C (46 F). Rainfall averages around 850 mm (33 in) a year, with most rain in winter – May to September.

Fremantle Travel Destination PerthFremantle: Situated at the mouth of the Swan River, some 11 kms (6 miles) from Perth City, Fremantle is the port for Perth. It is home to many Heritage Buildings and has maintained the history of the city well through preservation of its architecture.

During the hot summer months the oppressive heat of the afternoon is often relieved by a sea breeze that blows from Fremantle onto Perth City.

This cooling breeze is affectionately known as the “Fremantle Doctor” by the locals. For a great hotel in Fremantle, look at The Esplanade Hotel for a unique stay.

Rottnest Island Quokka Travel Destination PerthRottnest Island: Rottnest Island, just off the coast from Fremantle, is a major holiday centre and a home to the rare Quokka, a form of endemic small wallaby only found on islands off the West Australian Coast.

The Quokka is a shy, nocturnal creature that has been wiped out by foxes and feral cats on the mainland of Australia. Rottnest is a real Aussie escape.

Nambung National Park, The Pinnacles and Cervantes:The weird and beautiful area known as the Pinnacles was relatively unknown until the 1960’s, though today it is visited often. There are good hotels and accommodation in Cervantes near the Pinnacles, and The Nambung National Park can also be experienced on a day trip from Perth

The Pinnacles Travel Destination Perth

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