Travel Destination Uluru Ayers Rock

In the Middle of Nowhere. Experience the Vastness of Australia at Travel Destination Uluru Ayers Rock

It is sometimes hard to reconcile your pre-conceived notions with reality as you land into Travel Destination Uluru Ayers Rock. Nothing has quite prepared you for the contrast between the red sand stretching to the horizon in every direction and the monolith of red rock jutting upwards like the toe of a sleeping giant sticking up through the desert.

Uluru Ayers Rock is a mystical place, one to be savoured as the sun rises and the Rock changes colour to meet the new day, or at sunset as the last rays beam across the flat of the desert and highlight the crevices and fissures of Uluru as it settles in for the night. It is almost as if this Australian Icon has a personality of its own.

Travel Destination Uluru Ayers Rock

History of Uluru Ayers Rock: The Aboriginal People of Australia lived around Travel Destination Uluru Ayers Rock for over 30,000 years before 1873 when William Gosse, a surveyor, first recorded its presence for the new European settlers of Australia. He named it Ayers Rock after the Chief Secretary of South Australia, though it is now officially known as Uluru Ayers Rock to honour the original Aboriginal name as part of a dual naming policy.

Uluru Ayers Rock and the nearby Kata Tjuta have great religious and spiritual significance to the local Anangu people and are the subject of many tales and myths handed down through their Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. Tours of Uluru Ayers Rock, either walking, vehicle based or by camel will get you up close to the Rock at almost any time of day.

Location Map Travel Destination Uluru Ayers RockGeography: Travel Destination Uluru Ayers Rock is located in the geographic heart of Australia, about 3 hours flight from the main cities of the east coast or south of Australia – it is almost equal flying time from Sydney, Cairns, Melbourne or Adelaide.

The Rock itself is made up of sandstone with oxidation of iron bearing minerals in its makeup giving it the distinctive red colour for which it is famous. Perhaps the best way to get a feel for the size and scale of Uluru Ayers Rock is to see it up close from the air on a Helicopter Tour.

Sunset on the Rock Travel Destination Uluru Ayers Rock

Weather and Climate at Travel Destination Uluru Ayers Rock: You will be in the middle of a continent, in the middle of one of the greatest expanses of desert in the world.  It will be very hot during the day in Summer and can be cold overnight in Winter.

I will list the average daytime highs and overnight low temperatures for each month to help your decision making on the best time to visit. You also need to be aware that there will be more annoying black flies trying to get into your nose and mouth than you thought possible from December to end April. It is wise to purchase a hat with netting on it while you are there.

Average Daytime High, Overnight Low  Temperatures:

Jan:  High 29 C (102 F)  Low 23 C (73 F)         Feb:  High 37 C (98 F)  Low 22 C (72 F)
Mar:  High 34 C (94 F)  Low 19C (67 F)            Apr:  High 30 C (86 F)  Low 15 C (60 F)
May:  High 24 C (76 F)  Low 10 C (58 F)          Jun:  High 20 C (69 F)  Low 6 C (42 F)
Jul:  High 20 C (69 F)  Low 5 C (40 F)               Aug:  High 24 C (74 F)  Low 6 C (42 F)
Sept:  High 29 C (84 F)  Low 11 C (51 F)          Oct:  High 32 C (90 F)  Low 15 C (59 F)
Nov:  High 35 C (95 F)  Low 18 C (65 F)           Dec:  High 36 C (97 F)  Low 21 C (70 F)

Rainfall:  This is a true desert environment. Only 284 mm (11 in) of rain falls annually on average, though you can expect it not to rain for many months, and then get three years worth in three days.  It will be the luck of the draw.  If it rains while you are there (unlikely) consider yourself lucky to have seen Uluru Ayers Rock in most unusual conditions.

Kata Tjuta in the Distance Travel Destination Uluru Ayers Rock

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