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Just a few hours from downtown Sydney, the Blue Mountains is a huge natural park and residential area to the west of the city. Find your Blue Mountains Australia Hotels using our Hotels Combined Search facility to compare prices from hundreds of different travel sites.

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Where you decide to stay in the Blue Mountains will depend a lot on how you get there. If using public transport (the train service to the Blue Mountains from Sydney is very good) you will want to select hotels and accommodation near the railway station in the town you choose. The main town served by the rail service is Katoomba. Most of the attractions such as the Cableway and the Three Sisters are in close distance of the township.

If you are driving yourself, then the opportunities are far more varied, and you can pick your hotel based on anything from price, to location, to amenities or distance away from civilization. The irregular shape of the Blue Mountains National Park means that there are a lot of nooks and crannies around the borders into which enterprising locals have built interesting hotels and accommodations.

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Blue Mountains Australia Hotels

Upscale Blue Mountains Australia Hotels: Lilianfels Blue Mountain Resort and Spa at Katoomba is probably the best known of the upscale options for the area. The Fairmont Resort offers a wonderful Blue Mountains experience if you are looking for pure relaxation in a bushland, natural environment. The Mountain Heritage on the corner of Apex and Lovel Streets is one of our favourites  – it has ambiance and a style that reflects its historic nature as a part of the Blue Mountains community.

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Lower Priced Options for Blue Mountains Australia Hotels: Lower priced options are available at the 3 Sisters Motel and the Hotel Blue in Katoomba. They are great if you are looking for a place within a lower budget.  The Victoria and Albert Guesthouse in the historic village of Mount Victoria will get you off the beaten track somewhat to mingle with the locals.

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