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How To Pick the Best Accommodation in Australia Choose Australian Hotels to Suit Your Travel Style and Budget

While it is one thing to save money and book an Australian hotel at the lowest price regardless, there is no need to book something that is in the wrong place, or too far from the major attractions of the area. I will try and help you choose Australian hotels that are exactly what you want. With hotel selection, I favour location, value for money and safety.  

Sydney Skyline at DuskChoose Australian Hotels

You can save money booking direct online, and select the right hotel if you know what to look for. We use an accommodation search engine that compares hundreds of different online accommodation providers for the best price. Choose Australian hotels in any town or city in Australia. I will also tell you what to look for when booking your Australia hotels and accommodation.

Sydney Opera House and Yachts Choose Australian Hotels

Sydney Area Hotels

The place to stay in Sydney is within a kilometre of The Rocks, or at Darling Harbour. This will put you within easy walking distance of the Sydney Opera House and all other major attractions. It really does not make any sense to stay out in the suburbs to save a few dollars – the time and money involved in getting back and forth where you want to be will be spent unnecessarily on transport and effort.

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 Flinders Street Station Melbourne Choose Australian HotelsMelbourne Area Hotels

Melbourne is a wonderful, classy, European Style city with a vibrant “coffee culture,”  great restaurants, parks and boulevards. It has a first class tram system that makes it fun to get around.  As you choose Australian hotels, be aware that some hotels in Melbourne are in outer suburbs at what look to be attractive rates, but the best locations are within a kilometer of the Flinders Street Railway Station. Choose Australian hotels in Melbourne that will put you within walking distance of Southbank, the Docklands area and the interesting downtown precinct.

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Historic Colonial Hotels Tasmania Choose Australian Hotels

Hotels in Tasmania

Tasmania is far larger than it appears, and there is a great difference in quality levels throughout the Island. Pay careful attention  to the location and style of your Tasmanian accommodation. I strongly recommend you choose Australian hotels in Tasmania that will show you the charm of the State. It is well worth checking out the wonderfully restored Colonial Accommodations and Cottages.

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 Cairns Great Barrier Reef Choose Australian Hotels

Barrier Reef Hotels

Because the Great Barrier Reef is so long, you will need to decide if you want to go to the Whitsundays area or to Cairns city. I recommend staying in the northern beaches area of Cairns. Choose Australian hotels on Hamilton Island if visiting the Whitsundays. If you are considering island stays on the Great Barrier Reef, remember that you will need to allow for the cost of getting to the island as well as the hotel price.

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Uluru Ayers Rock Up Close Choose Australian HotelsRed Centre Hotels

You need to be aware that it is about a 6 hour drive from Alice Springs to Uluru Ayers Rock.There are several different ways of getting between them. Hotels at Uluru Ayers Rock are at Yulara and have different levels of accommodation available. It is also worth considering time at  Kings Canyon to get a feel of another unique desert environment as you choose Australian hotels. Alice Springs is an entirely different area.

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Gold Coast Surfers Paradise Beach Choose Australian Hotels

Brisbane Area Hotels

Brisbane is the main International entry point for the Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast area. It is about an hour’s drive south to the spectacular beaches of Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast. To the north of Brisbane is the Sunshine Coast area, centering on Noosa Heads. To the west, inland from Brisbane, is Lamington National Park. Choose Australian hotels within the National Park for the best location.

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Kangaroo Island View Room Choose Australian Hotels

Adelaide Area Hotels

Adelaide is a very cultured city, with seaside suburbs, the Adelaide Hills and very interesting colonial architecture. Adelaide hotels should be located on or near North Terrace. Kangaroo Island can be visited as a day trip, but staying a few days really gets you under its skin. To choose Australian hotels among the vineyards of the Barossa Valley or McLaren Vale, look for for unique accommodations out in the country.

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Kakadu Wetlands Near Darwin Choose Australian Hotels

Top End Hotels

Darwin is the entry point for the entire Kakadu National Park and Litchfield National Park areas of far north Australia. The best located hotels are near the Darwin Esplanade. To really feel the Australian Outback, a trip to Kakadu National Park will show you a really unusual environment. The hotels in Kakadu National Park make it easy to stay out in the wilds to really get a feel for the far north of Australia. Broome is  to the west of Darwin on the Indian Ocean.

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Perth Aerial View Choose Australian Hotels

Perth Area Hotels

Perth is a city of over one million inhabitants, and is a vibrant, oceanside city set on the far west coast of Australia. The city is located slightly inland on the Swan River. The Margaret River Wine area is not just about wines, it also has some marvelous coastal and rural scenery. This is a really interesting part of Western Australia. Monkey Mia is to the north of Perth and it takes several days to get there and back to see the wild dolphins and you need to choose Australian hotels wisely in the area.

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Sal Salis Sunset Ningaloo Reef Choose Australian Hotels

Ningaloo Reef Hotels

Ningaloo Reef is on the peninsula of land formed by Cape Range National Park. To get to Ningaloo Reef you will fly into Learmonth Airport. To choose Australian hotels at Ningaloo Reef you will need to decide how far away from the services offered at Exmouth you want to be. Some of the more remote resorts are isolated and beautiful, but there is nothing around them.

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