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Consistently ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world, Sydney is bounded on the east by the Pacific Ocean, and on the west by The Blue Mountains. Captain Cook explored the Sydney Coast, landing at Botany Bay (near the Sydney Airport) in 1770, but the first permanent settlement that grew into today’s Sydney was established at The Rocks (near the Bridge and the Opera House) soon after the arrival of the First Fleet, carrying settlers, soldiers and convicts, in 1788. In my opinion, your Sydney accommodation should be near Circular Quay (the square of water with all the ferries between the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House) and in the Central Business District bounded by Paddington, Darlinghurst, Haymarket and Piermont.

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The Blue Mountains got their name from the faint blue haze that appears to cover the ranges, particularly on hot days. The haze is caused by oil from Eucalyptus trees evaporating into the atmosphere. As the Blue Mountains have become more settled over the last 200 years, the distinctive blue haze has lessened, but the declaration of a major part of the Blue Mountains as a World Heritage listed area in November 2000 preserves many areas in their natural state and provides great opportunities for walking, sightseeing and wildlife viewing. Your search for Sydney area hotels in the Blue Mountains area should be concentrated on the towns of Katoomba, Blackheath and Bilpin.

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With a population of just under 750,000, the Hunter region of Australia stretches from about 120 kms (75 mi) to 300 kms (185 mi) north of Sydney, and includes the coastal city of Newcastle, and perhaps the most iconic of Australia’s wine growing regions, the Hunter Valley. The first settlers quickly worked out that the humidity of the coastal Sydney area made grape growing a risky business, and that the frosts of the Blue Mountains and the inland west of Sydney were equally as destructive.

The discovery of a valley just 200 kms (160 mi) to the north of Sydney centered on the Hunter River that had an ideal climate for grape growing and wine production encouraged the first plantings in 1825, and such Australian wine legends as Leo Buring and Murray Tyrrell have created what is now arguably the best known of the Australian wine regions, The Hunter Valley. If you are self driving, The Hunter Valley has a wide range of accommodation to make for a lazy few days of it, and provides a chance to discover the true nature of rural Australia in a most agreeable setting.

Searching for the best locations in the Hunter Valley, look to stay within the triangle formed by Maitland, Raymond Terrace and Brandy Hill.

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As a new Century dawned in 1900, Melbourne and Sydney were fighting it out for the honour of being named the Capital City of Australia.  To resolve the conflict, in 1908 it was decided that a hitherto undeveloped area around what is now the City of Canberra should become the Australian Capital Territory, with the National Capital situated there. Located some 280 kms (170 mi) to the southwest of Sydney, and 660 kms (410 mi) to the north of Melbourne, the National Capital is now a monument to the Central Government of Australia and the location of the Federal Parliament and the headquarters of most Federal Australian Agencies. It is also the location of most overseas embassies.

When selecting hotels in Canberra, look to the area around downtown, near London Circuit and Parkes Way along Lake Burley Griffin.

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Port Macquarie is located about 385 kms (240 mi) to the north of Sydney on the Central New South Wales Coast.  The centre of whale watching and many water based activities for the region, it has a balmy climate with average temperatures in Summer ranging from a high of 27 C. (81 F.), and in Winter from highs of 18 C. (64 F.) to lows of 6 C. (44 F.). Two thirds of the 1,336 mm. (52 inches) rainfall occurs in the Summer months (December to March), with the balance in Winter. One of the fastest growing areas of the New South Wales Coast, it is famous for its seafood and its beaches, among them Flynns Beach, Rocky Beach, North Shore and Lighthouse Beach.

In Port Macquarie, try to stay near the beaches or on the Harbour for the best locations.

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