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Tasmania is a cool temperate island about the same size as Ireland or West Virginia. Select your Tasmania Australia Hotels by researching on our sister website, Tasmania.com

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Tasmania is a really special part of Australia. It is compact, with scenery that can change dramatically in just a few kilometres. Tasmania needs careful route planning to make sure the driving times and distances are easy and relaxed.

The interesting thing about Tasmania is that you can stay in places that have been modernized inside, but are still the original colonial era buildings on the outside. By selecting your Tasmania Australia Hotels in the right locations you can make the Tasmania experience completely different to the rest of Australia. Tasmania is a bit like a cross between England, Ireland, Mainland Australia and some parts of France and Germany. Extremely scenic, and with a cool temperate climate that never gets too hot or too cold, it is a really great place to self drive.

There are a great number of activities available in Tasmania. Discover the convict history of Australia at the Port Arthur Historic Site. There are wonderful nature walks the National Parks and preserves throughout the State. While Tasmania is a great place to self drive, it is worth looking at day tours, trips and multi-day experiences that are available if you are unable to drive yourself.

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