Fraser Island Australian Travel Map

Full Interactive Fraser Island Australian Travel Map

Fraser Island is said to be the largest sand island in the world. It was formed by the ocean currents off the East Coast of Australia causing sand to build up on underlying sandstone outcrops. It is a destination that can take one or several days to discover. Use the Fraser Island Australian Travel Map to plan your trip. Fraser Island is larger than you think, so a guided tour might be the way to go if time is limited.      

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Getting to Fraser Island

Allow about two hours to drive north from Brisbane. Take the M1 Burke Highway north from Brisbane and past Buderim. Buderim is famous for its quality ginger production. Stay on the Burke Highway as it becomes the A1 and follow it north to Gympie. At Gympie, take the road to Rainbow Beach. From Rainbow Beach head north to the Fraser Island Ferry. Zoom in on the Fraser Island Australian Travel Map for detail.

Lake MacKenzie Fraser Island Australian Travel Map

Fraser Island Australian Travel Map

Fraser Island: Fraser Island is deceptively large, and if you are driving yourself, you will probably need to stay out on the Island. If timing is short, suggest taking one of the day tours or booking a 2 day, 1 night tour.

How do plants live in the Sand?: Plants will not usually grow very well in ocean sand. Fraser Island has a special kind of fungus that grows in the sand. It releases enough nutrients into the sand to allow natural vegetation to take hold.

Dingoes and Wildlife: One of the largest wild dingo packs in Australia call Fraser Island home. Care should be taken approaching them. Remember they are still wild animals, living in the wild.

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