Kangaroo Island Australian Travel Map

Full Interactive Kangaroo Island Australian Travel Map

Kangaroo Island is a lot larger than you might think. It is the third largest island off the coast of Australia, coming only after Tasmania and Melville Island. Zoom out on the Kangaroo Island Australian Travel Map to see it in relation to Tasmania.

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Getting to Kangaroo Island

There are no direct commercial air services to Kangaroo Island from any major city except Adelaide. REX (Regional Express) run regular services to the Island several times daily. The flight takes about 45 minutes. There is a 12 Kg (25 pound) per person weight restriction for checked baggage on the plane to Kangaroo Island, and you should pack a smaller overnight bag to take on the flight (note this is per person, per bag.  Do not combine the weight for two persons into one large bag.  Storage size is a concern along with weight on the small planes).  Your larger bags can be left securely at the Terminal (they are used to storing extra luggage on request) to be picked up after the return flight. The weight limit on cabin carry on baggage is 7 Kg (15 lbs).

The SeaLink Ferry service runs from Cape Jervis to Penneshaw on Kangaroo Island. You can take your car or join one of the coach tours that runs from Adelaide. Zoom in on the Kangaroo Island Australian Travel Map for a close view of the crossing of the Backstairs Passage.

Hand Feeding Wallabies Kangaroo Island Australian Travel Map

Kangaroo Island Australian Travel Map

Wildlife: The wildlife viewing on Kangaroo Island is exceptional. Koalas are not native to Kangaroo Island, but they are everywhere, almost in plague proportions. They were introduced and have taken over. Wallabies and Kangaroos are plentiful and you will almost certainly get to see them in the wild. Walk among the Sea Lions at Vivonne Bay.

Flinders Chase National Park: The best way to see the Park and Cape de Couedeq is on a small group tour of the Island. There is no beating the local knowledge that the guide will bring to your day.

Remarkable Rocks: Zoom in on the Kangaroo Island Australian Travel Map to find Cape de Couedeq at the far southwest tip of Kangaroo Island. On the coast, to the right (east) of Cape de Couedeq are the Remarkable Rocks. These have been formed by the lashing of the winds from the Great Southern Ocean and the Great Australian Bight. This is a place of wild seascapes.

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