Strahan Tasmania Australian Travel Map

Full Interactive Strahan Tasmania Australian Travel Map

The West Coast of Tasmania sits in the path of the “Roaring 40’s”. These wild winds travel around the bottom of the world and hit only a few land masses: Tasmania, New Zealand and the southern tip of South America. Zoom out on the Strahan Tasmania Australian Travel Map to see Tasmania in the middle of the Great Southern Ocean. These winds cause the weather to change with amazing speed. They also bring a lot of rain. Strahan will give you a chance to experience an environment that is totally wild, totally unique and totally safe.

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Getting to Strahan

From Hobart, follow Hwy#1 Heritage Highway north out of the City. At Granton turn off left (west) and take the A10 Lyell Highway to New Norfolk, Queenstown and Strahan. Allow about 6 hours to do the drive comfortably. Stop at the Derwent Bridge Hotel on the way to experience one of the unique mountain hotels of the region.

From Launceston, cut through the Cradle Mountain road to join the A10 Murcheson Highway and follow it south towards Queenstown. At Zeehan, cut off right (west) to Strahan on the B27 coast road. Allow about 4 hours for the drive.

I would recommend always booking your accommodation in Strahan ahead. It is a long drive back to the last town if everything is sold out at Strahan. Check the Strahan Tasmania Australian Travel Map to see just how isolated it is out here. It takes almost an hour to drive to Queenstown from Strahan.

The Spirit of Tasmania Ferry will arrive into Devonport. It will take you about four hours to drive to Strahan. Zoom out on the Strahan Tasmania Australian Travel Map.

Gordon River Cruise Strahan Tasmania Australian Travel Map

Strahan Tasmania Australian Travel Map

Strahan Township: Originally the port for timber and mining on the West Coast. Strahan today is a fishing and tourist village.

Gordon River Cruise: A world class wilderness experience, and one not to be missed. The cruise heads down Macquarie Harbour (it’s quite large) and into the Gordon River at its southern end – look at the Strahan Tasmania Australian Travel Map for detail. On the return trip the cruise takes in Hells Gates and Sarah Island, the old Convict Prison.

Macquarie Harbour, Sarah Island  and Hells Gates:  One of only two safe shelters on the West Coast of Tasmania, Macquarie Harbour was one of the first places settled in the 1800’s. Hells Gates is where it empties into the Great Southern Ocean. The water is cold, and incredibly clear. Sarah Island was “Hell on Earth” for its inmates. Only the worst of the worst offenders were sent here.

Hells Gates Strahan Tasmania Australian Travel Map

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