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While it looks pretty flat and green on the Kakadu Australian Travel Map, the Kakadu National Park is a maze of wetlands, waterways, escarpments, open savannah plains, waterholes and waterfalls. The distances are huge, but so are the contrasts. It is 170 kms (105 mi) from Darwin.

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Getting to Kakadu

Darwin will be your entry point for Kakadu if flying. Some international flights from Europe and Asia stop or terminate in Darwin. It is another 5 hours flying time to Sydney from here.

If driving yourself from Darwin, follow the A1 Sturt Highway out of the city (there is only one way you can go – south) towards Humpty Doo. At Humpty Doo, turn left (east) onto Hwy #36 Arnhem Highway to Jabiru and then south as it becomes Hwy #21. Zoom out on the Kakadu Australian Travel Map to find Kakadu National Park.

If you have spent a couple of days on the Ghan Rail Service up through the middle of Australia, you will terminate in Darwin and go by road or light plane from there.

Yellow Waters Wetlands Kakadu Australian Travel Map

Kakadu Australian Travel Map

Kakadu National Park: With an area of 19,804 sq kms (7,646 sq mi), Kakadu National Park is about one quarter the size of Tasmania, or 20x bigger than Singapore.  It is about half the area of Switzerland. To the north it is estuaries and tidal flats.  The four main rivers running though Kakadu have created extensive floodplains with wetlands in the low areas. Inland and to the south are rocky outcrops, escarpments, hills and basins. Zoom out on the Kakadu Australian Travel Map until you see the water in the top left hand corner to throw it all into focus.

Wildlife in Kakadu National Park: The number of plant and animal species is amazing, not to mention the 280 species of birds and the 10,000 species of insects. You might be on your own out in Kakadu, but you will not be alone.

Accommodation at Kakadu: If you are not booking on a multi-day tour that includes accommodation, it is a very good idea to book a hotel ahead. It will be a long drive back to Darwin if nothing is available when you get there. There are eight hotels offering accommodation at differing levels in Kakadu National Park. 

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