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About 800 kms (500 mi) to the north of Perth is Monkey Mia. Zoom out on the Monkey Mia Australian Travel Map and look down the West Australian coast to find it in relation to the rest of the country.  Monkey Mia is not about monkeys, it is about wild dolphins coming ashore each evening to be hand fed by visitors. 

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Getting to Monkey Mia

If you are driving from Perth, I recommend spending a night at each in Cervantes and Kalbarri on the way up the coast, and in  Geraldton on the way back to break the drive. Or reverse the order if you prefer.

By taking one of the multi-day tours of the area, you can let someone else do the navigating, sit back and enjoy the scenery. Check the link below for details and schedules. Check the Monkey Mia Australian Travel Map for distances and details.

Up Close To Wild Dolphins Monkey Mia Australian Travel Map

Monkey Mia Australian Travel Map

What’s in a Name?: As with many intriguing local names, the origins are a bit vague. Apparently there was a boat named “The Monkey” that made Shark Bay its home back in the late 1800’s. The Monkey part of the name might have come from there, or might also have been attributed to the fact that many of the pearling and fishing boats working the region had pet monkeys on board. What is more definite is the fact that the Aboriginal term “Mia” means “shelter”, or “home”.

Monkey Mia and Denham: Denham is the main town, on the left (west) side of the peninsula, just to the south of the Francois Peron National Park. Check the Monkey Mia Australian Travel Map to find Monkey Mia on the right (east) side of the peninsula at the end of Monkey Mia Road. The Dolphin Lodge is at Monkey Mia, but the other hotels and resorts are at Denham. If you are self-driving to Monkey Mia it is very wise to book your accommodation ahead.

Wild Dolphins: In the 1960’s a local fisherman and his wife started feeding the wild dolphins as they came near to shore at Monkey Mia. It became a regular thing and the dolphins became celebrities. Today, the wild dolphins come in to shore each evening for their regular feeding, and visitors can take part in the experience.

Watching the Wild Dolphins Monkey Mia Australian Travel Map

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