Uluru Ayers Rock Australian Travel Map

Full Interactive Uluru Ayers Rock Australian Travel Map

If you arrive into Uluru Ayers Rock by air, the contrast between the Rock and the Red Desert is striking at any time of day. Look at the Uluru Ayers Rock Australian Travel Map and compare it to the photograph. The Rock itself is rather smooth – almost feeling as if it is covered in scales – it just comes up out of the desert sand like the tip of an iceberg sticks out of the ocean.   

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Getting to Uluru Ayers Rock

It is about 3 hours flying time to Uluru Ayers Rock from Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns, and a half hour or so longer from Melbourne on the nonstop. Many flights to Uluru Ayers Rock stop in Alice Springs for 30 minutes or so on the way. If you decide to drive yourself from the East Coast, south from Darwin or north from Adelaide, be sure you know what you are doing. The vehicle will need to be in top condition and you should be happy to drive long distances over about 3 days.

The Ghan Rail link joins Adelaide to Darwin. It stops in Alice Springs, but not at Uluru. Be aware that it takes about 5 hours to drive from Alice Springs to Uluru Ayers Rock on the sealed road and about 2 days via the Mereenie Loop and Kings Canyon. Zoom out on the Uluru Ayers Rock Australian Travel Map for details.

Aerial View Uluru Ayers Rock Australian Travel Map

Uluru Ayers Rock Australian Travel Map

Climbing Uluru Ayers Rock: The local Aboriginal People do not condone climbing Uluru Ayers Rock. It is, however possible to do so. It is up to you to balance your respect for the Aboriginal beliefs with your need to say you climbed the Rock. It is an exposed climb, so if you are not comfortable with heights and exposed places, it might not be for you, regardless of other factors.

Ayers Rock Resort: Accommodation at the Resort is about 10 kms (6 mi) from the Rock. You will need to join a tour or drive into the National Park to witness the sunrise or sunset from the best position.

The Red Sand: Yes, it is a red as the pictures. It stretches all the way to the horizon in every direction. If you are out here on a really hot day, it will be very hard to comprehend how the Indigenous Aboriginal People lived and thrived under such adverse conditions.

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