Australian Vacation Packages

Trips for 2 to 6 People  –  1 to 3 Couples  –  Families

(These are NOT Coach Tours)

10 Day 12 Day 16 Day 22 Day

Sydney  –  Uluru Ayers Rock  –  Barrier Reef
Australian Vacation Packages 10 Day Vacation10 Day Australian Vacation
Sydney 3 Nights – Uluru Ayers Rock 2 Nights
Great Barrier Reef 4 Nights
10 Days, 9 Nights


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Hamilton Island – Great Barrier Reef
Uluru Ayers Rock – Sydney
Australian Vacation Packages: 12 Day Vacation12 Day Australian Vacation
Hamilton Island 4 Nights  – Ayers Rock 2 Nights 
Sydney 5 Nights
12 Days, 11 Nights


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Melbourne – Tasmania  – Adelaide – Sydney
Australian Vacation Packages: 16 Day Vacation16 Day Australian Vacation
Melbourne 3 Nights – Tasmania 5 Nights
 & Kangaroo Island 4 Nights
Sydney 3 Nights
16 Days, 15 Nights


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Sydney  – Barrier Reef  –  Uluru Ayers Rock
Adelaide  –  Tasmania  –  Melbourne
Australian Vacation Packages: 22 Day Vacation22 Day Australian Vacation
Sydney 4 Nights – Barrier Reef 4 Nights
Ayers Rock 2 Nights – Adelaide & Kangaroo Island 4 Nights – Tasmania 4 Nights – Melbourne 3 Nights
                    22 Days, 21 Nights


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Let us help …

Choose your favorite among our Australian Vacation Packages.  Even if they are not included in the Package you choose, we can include winery tours, wildlife tours and a wide range of Australian tours and sightseeing to make your Australian Vacation exactly what you want.

Whether it is Sydney, Melbourne, the Barrier Reef or Tasmania, we can add day trips, tours and sightseeing to give you a unique experience.

If your vacation time is 14 days, choose the 12 day Vacation Package and we can add an extra night on Kangaroo Island or Sydney for shopping or visiting markets.

If you have less time, send us a contact form and we can set up a Vacation package for you.

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