Custom Australian Tours

Custom Australian Tours – Original First Run

Planning your vacation should be FUN.  It should be exciting and hassle free.  If you dread the details, you should contact us.

This is your special trip to Australia…we want you to get it right.  We only plan for Australia – that’s why we’re the best at it.  

We’ve been in business 22 years – we have the experience and knowledge to make your trip a unique, custom journey.

When you contact us, you will not be involved in making decisions with whom to work and comparing offerings from travel agents.  You work directly with the travel planner one on one.  Let’s get started to have your dream vacation Downunder happen!

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Custom Australian Tours: Beach

Your custom vacation can include time to just sit on the beach, take a half day tour and enjoy short wilderness walks where the rainforest meets the Reef.

Custom Australian Tours: Tasmanian Devil

Aussie wildlife is amazing! From the Tasmanian Devil to Koalas to Kangaroos. There are more Kangaroos than people in Australia…you just need to get out into the outback to see them.

Custom Australian Tours: Kangaroo Road Sign

Destination knowledge is paramount. Your Australian Travel Expert has been to all the places included, driven the roads and stayed in the hotels. We only book 4 to 5 star properties.

Custom Australian Tours: Barrier Reef Cruise

Don’t only be on a large cruise ship around the fringes of Australia. How about a small vessel cruise within Australia? Spend 3, 4, or even 7 nights exploring The Great Barrier Reef in complete comfort.

Custom Australian Tours: Koala

Yes, you will touch a Koala! Make your dream vacation to Australia happen with a custom planned experience for your available time Downunder.

Custom Australian Tours: Reef Fish

When visiting The Great Barrier Reef, we will help you decide on exactly the type of boat best suited to your travel style and adventure requirements.

Custom Australian Tours: Diving

The Great Barrier Reef is truly immense. Snorkel or dive and get up close … or see it from the surface from a glass-bottom boat.

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Custom Australian Tours: Kangaroo Beach

Get the time and distance right to make it all happen.  No need rushing or spending more time in an area (or airports) than necessary.

Custom Australian Tours: Aboriginal

Australia is BRILLIANT!. People, places, and faces … this is Australian Custom Travel Planning at its best.

Custom Australian Tours: Uluru

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