Australian Travel Planning

There are basically three different styles of Australian Travel Planning:

Custom Plan with an Australian Travel Planning Expert
Plan and Book your own Australian Travel
Join a Group Tour of Australia

Sydney Opera House and Bridge Australian Travel Planning

Custom Australian Travel Planning

You enjoy custom, individual travel and want to work with a local, knowledgeable Australia Travel Planner.

You want a customized, individual trip that reflects your interests, but recognise that you may not have the skills to research and book it effectively. Perhaps you are too busy, or are unsure of the time and distance involved. You would rather work with an Australian Travel Planner to get the best arrangements and purchase a Package of all the components to take the trip from the one place at the one time.

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Uluru Ayers Rock From the Air Australian Travel Planning

Do-It-Yourself Australian Travel Planning

You enjoy planning, researching and booking your own travel to and around Australia.

Part of the trip is the experience of finding out about what reflects your interests and researching what might be best for you.  You enjoy making the bookings yourself and searching around for the best deals online.

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Coach Tours of Australia Australian Travel Planning

Join a Group Tour of Australia

You would rather join a fully organized Group Tour to discover Australia.

You enjoy arranged touring experiences and would rather have everything taken care of as you travel with the group. Group Tours have the advantage that you just sit back and enjoy the trip, however, they are not as flexible as custom Australian Travel Planning.

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