How Custom Australian Travel Planning Works

Custom Travel Options for Australian Travel

I want to explain how custom Australian travel planning works. By setting up your trip with a knowledgeable Australian Travel Planning Specialist, you can make the experience truly outstanding.  It is not a matter of throwing money at the project – it is a matter of knowing what one is doing. I will help you get in behind the scenes at your own pace and really see how Australia works

Sunset on Sydney Harbour Bridge How Custom Australian Travel Planning Works

How Custom Australian Travel Planning Works

We have all, at one time or another, believed what we have read on the glossy brochure or seen on a website. We found out too late that we were in the wrong location, or were in an accommodation that did not suit our travel style or quality expectations.  We were there too long, were in the wrong place, or were not in a particular location long enough. This is about getting the time and distance involved in a trip around Australia right.

If this sounds familiar, then Custom Travel Planning with someone who really knows Australia well might be the way for you to go.

Captains Upper Deck Gordon River Cruise Tasmania How Custom Australian Travel Planning Works

Create Your Own Australian Tour

You need to remember that Australia is huge – it is about the same size as the continental US. When comparing the size to Europe, it would stretch from the north of Scotland, south as far as Greece, West of Spain, and East of Romania.  It takes time to move between points, and there is a lot to see. It all depends on your interests, travel style and the amount of time you have available. There is rarely enough time, and seldom enough money to do everything that everybody wants.

To get the best out of your time in Australia work with us to plan an exceptional trip, one that will be individual, customized, interesting and unusual.

Planning a successful trip is actually about using your time wisely. It is about knowing the time and distances involved, local conditions, and the topography of the countryside, the different environments, and how to access them with the least effort.

How Custom Australian Travel Planning Works is all about making this an efficient, interesting and memorable holiday.

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Lizard Island Sunset From Pavilion Suite How Custom Australian Travel Planning Works

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