Melbourne Sample Custom Itinerary

Example Itinerary for Melbourne, Yarra Valley and the Great Ocean Road

This Melbourne Sample Custom Itinerary is to show you how our Custom Travel Planning itineraries are presented.

Please note that what follows is meant to be an example of the STYLE of itinerary that we will produce for your time in Melbourne, on the Great Ocean Road, in the Yarra Valley or at the Phillip Island Penguins. It is not exactly what your planner will suggest for you. Your complete itinerary will be set up for you and will reflect exactly what you want from your trip.

Please read through this Melbourne sample custom itinerary. It will give you a very good “feel” for the final itinerary we will produce. Please remember that this is only a 3-day “snapshot” of the STYLE of the itinerary we will present for your consideration. Your full itinerary will be produced by your Custom Australian Travel Planner.

Melbourne Sample Custom Itinerary Australia

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